One of the best tennis singles strategies is to play high-percentage tennis. Sounds easy, right? Of all the techniques for tennis, knowing where you are on the court, and what the highest percentage shots from that position are, is one of the best. If we assign colors to certain zones on the court, it will [...]

Are there rules for doubles tennis? Besides the obvious ones – like hit the ball over the net, and inside the white lines – we seem to think there are other tennis doubles rules about where we need to position ourselves on the court. Those ‘rules’ have become so prevalent that they have taken on [...]

We don’t often think that psychology plays a part in tennis. But if you are a tennis player, a good portion of your 300,000 thoughts a day are probably about tennis. And positive tennis head games are actually great mental and physical techniques for tennis! When you realize that every thought you have creates an [...]

How do you pressure the pusher and beat the tennis lob? When playing against pushers (defensive players), great players often lose games/ matches that they should be winning. A main reason for this is that pushers tend to continuously lift the ball to make time for themselves. This causes their opponents to lose their rhythm, [...]

Ever feel like a target on the doubles court? Here are some top tennis doubles rules to follow. A great doubles strategy in tennis is to know how to cover the holes on the court. Most tennis players are used to seeing and covering the holes laterally, or side to side. However the more experienced [...]

No matter how good your tennis strokes are, you won’t perform well if you don’t also know how to best position yourself on the court. In singles tennis, many of us expend way too much energy by trying to recover to the “T”, otherwise known as the center hash mark, after we hit the ball. [...]

Players always ask me “where do I position in doubles?” Now if you are on the court and you are asking yourself that question in the middle of a point … then I’d put money on the fact that you are busy thinking, and not busy executing.  Let’s look at a simple doubles strategy in [...]