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One of the best tennis singles strategies is to play high-percentage tennis. Sounds easy, right? Of all the techniques for tennis, knowing where you are on the court, and what the highest percentage shots from that position are, is one of the best. If we assign colors to certain zones on the court, it will [...]

We don’t often think that psychology plays a part in tennis. But if you are a tennis player, a good portion of your 300,000 thoughts a day are probably about tennis. And positive tennis head games are actually great mental and physical techniques for tennis! When you realize that every thought you have creates an [...]

How do you pressure the pusher and beat the tennis lob? When playing against pushers (defensive players), great players often lose games/ matches that they should be winning. A main reason for this is that pushers tend to continuously lift the ball to make time for themselves. This causes their opponents to lose their rhythm, [...]

  What better day than March 6th, Michelangelo’s birthday, to remind ourselves that masterpieces are not created overnight, but take dedicated planning, patience and practice. Today we’re going to discuss how to develop the masterpiece called “My Tennis Game.”  No paint, marble, scaffolding or permission from the Pope required. Top tennis players practice the way [...]

If you play league doubles, then you know the awkward moments of stepping onto the court with a ‘new’ tennis partner are not unlike stepping out with a blind date.  What to say? What not to say? How to say it? There are so many unknowns! The funny thing is, the not-so flattering comments you [...]

Whether your tennis court is in Pensacola, Palm Springs or Punxsutawney, today I’m going to share a secret for getting a grip on one of the most maddening tennis groundhogs. Not unlike the iconic movie where the tormented Bill Murray finds himself repeating the same day, again and again, tennis players at all levels of [...]

Tennis Drills: Get a Grip on Match Play Pressure Pressure.  We all face it in competition yet how can we prepare for it?  One of my greatest challenges as a Division I tennis coach was figuring out how to create a level of pressure during practice that was comparable to match play. One of my [...]

In our busy day-to-day lives, multi-tasking is a goal for many, and for others a necessity. Unfortunately, it’s a detriment to all tennis players. Achieving mental focus prior to stepping on the court is key to success in tennis! Peak performance on-and-off the tennis court occurs when you are focused on the important things in [...]

We’ve all been there.  We start out competing really well.  We’re are calm, cool and collected under pressure – we have our Game Face On!  Then something happens and we lose it. A key to successfully playing well under pressure is to learn how to maintain one’s Game Face even when things happen that make [...]

One of the most common complaints I hear from women on tennis team’s is having to partne with players who are not motivated and not committed. Every day and every practice seems like hard work; it’s like pulling teeth with these particular players. The feeling at the end of a season is one of fatigue [...]