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Players often ask “where should I position in doubles?” The simplest and easiest way to think of doubles positioning is this: “Get beat to the OUTSIDE, never to the INSIDE”

All they do is lob!  This is perhaps the biggest source of frustration in women’s doubles. Yet, for every tactic there is an adjustment you can make to neutralize it. Here is the first of several tips that will give you the tools you need to take down the lob queens…

In women’s doubles the net positions are often the spots of vulnerability. When the ball is in front of you I like to call this the ‘predator’ position, which indicates your role as the aggressor, trying to get pressure opponents and get as many volleys as possible. When the opposing net player is the ‘predator’ [...]

90% of tennis players are right handed. If you play on the deuce side this means that you can lob over their backhand overhead and to the baseliners backhand side (0.9 x 0.9 = 81%). The chance that the ad side player has a left at net is 10%. Its really important that you use [...]