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Are there rules for doubles tennis? Besides the obvious ones – like hit the ball over the net, and inside the white lines – we seem to think there are other tennis doubles rules about where we need to position ourselves on the court. Those ‘rules’ have become so prevalent that they have taken on [...]

To Switch or Not to Switch? That is a key question in tennis doubles! Conventional “wisdom” in doubles says that when the net player crosses the center service line while hitting her shot, the team must “switch” sides of the court. Well, I’d like to challenge that wisdom. If the net player barely crosses the [...]

Coach:  ”Poaching sounds like a great idea – but I just don’t know when it’s the ‘right time’ to go!”  I hear this a lot in my doubles clinics. Poaching is one of the more dominating tactics in tennis doubles. It often makes your opponents so uncomfortable it takes them out of their game! Much [...]

Here’s a  simple yet very effective way to look at doubles tactics. For the most part doubles is a cross-court game. Serve, return, and first shot almost always go crosscourt. If you are getting out played in a match it may very well be because the other team is winning the cross-court battle, winning the [...]

90% of tennis players are right handed. If you play on the deuce side this means that you can lob over their backhand overhead and to the baseliners backhand side (0.9 x 0.9 = 81%). The chance that the ad side player has a left at net is 10%. Its really important that you use [...]