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Are there rules for doubles tennis? Besides the obvious ones – like hit the ball over the net, and inside the white lines – we seem to think there are other tennis doubles rules about where we need to position ourselves on the court. Those ‘rules’ have become so prevalent that they have taken on [...]

Knowing your opponents and how to unravel them is a key doubles strategy in tennis. You need to understand the mental makeup of your opponents in tennis doubles to know what types of things will lead to their demise. By understanding this you will know what tactics to implement to help them unravel. DOMINATOR – [...]

The entry-level, conservative approach to doubles is to pick a side, and play your side only. What I suggest to you is that as you develop your doubles game, you will find success if you can shed this school of thought, and start to embrace more high risk and high reward styles of play. I [...]

Humans (doubles partners, teammates, spouses, parents etc.) are never neutral.  Everything you do or don’t do impacts another persons “Emotional Tank” – a term I discovered as a PCA trainer.  We either fill tanks or we drain them.  There’s no middle ground.  We all have an emotional tank.  When our tank is full, we perform [...]

Too often in tennis doubles I see the net player acting like a “spectator” with their head moving side-to-side tracking the ball.  In other words, when the balls goes past the net player, they turn and watch their partner hit their shot from the back court.  Big Mistake! If you are watching your partner, as [...]

Let’s look at what prevents women from being a team.  (Yes, men have stuff to deal with but with women it is different).  This is part two from an earlier post with guest coach Rolland Todd.  See part one here. Let me tell you a story to set the stage for this part.  I was [...]

What goes up must come down. That takes time, and it’s time you don’t really have at the net in tennis doubles. Reaction time is huge to successful volleys in tennis.  Unfortunately, too many net players spend their time hopping up and down like a bunny.  Wait, I’ve been told again and again to be [...]

Do you ever find yourself about to step on the court for a league match with a doubles partner you’ve never played with before?  If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it will.  So, how can you and your partner make a key decision – who plays what side – with just a few minutes [...]

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” – Epictetus  Most of us basically want to be heard, to be understood.  Yet how often do our upsets on the court or on the team boil down to “he or she didn’t listen, they don’t understand me”? [...]

Have you been in in the “up and down” situation in doubles?  Well, “What IS the ‘up and down’ situation in doubles” you ask?  This happens when the baseline players end up rallying down-the-line instead of cross-court. What shots are effective to hit in this type of exchange?  The baseline player’s now have a few [...]