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One of the best tennis singles strategies is to play high-percentage tennis. Sounds easy, right? Of all the techniques for tennis, knowing where you are on the court, and what the highest percentage shots from that position are, is one of the best. If we assign colors to certain zones on the court, it will [...]

Top-seeded and top ranked Jana Juricova from Cal captured 2011 NCAA Division I Women’s Tennis Championships title at Stanford University on Mon., May 30.  The champion shares a behind the scenes look at what helped her break through to win the title in her fifth consecutive national singles finals appearance. On her victory over Stacey [...]

A forgotten yet highly effective tennis strategy is the drop shot. Too often, the drop shot in tennis becomes the least respected and practiced shots in the game. Every base liner, whether offensive or defensive, needs to add what I consider to be the “greatest tennis shot ever”  to their game. Using a drop shot [...]