Cross-Training for Women Tennis Players

So many of play tennis for the exercise as well as the competition. And no wonder: tennis a great multi-muscle using activity. But the problem is that as we get older, overuse injuries can plague us.

The best way to mitigate injury and play your best is to cross train. Just playing tennis several times a week will lead to more injury, not less. Take a day or two off of tennis and do some cross training.

Use your bodyweight

While many players will run to the gym to start lifting weights, it is way better for your body to focus training on using your bodyweight. Try yoga or pilates, which both work to strengthen your shoulder girdle and core muscles, the ones you need the most when swinging a racquet. Additionally, these regiments help with flexibility and incorporate stretches that also prolong your tennis career.

Try to do as many exercise standing up as you can since we don’t typically play tennis lying down. You can add light weights if that helps you up your ante, but focus on your form and core. Light weights will allow you to get full range of motion and lead you into ore reps, mimicking your tennis game.

Explosiveness & Endurance

Another great way to train for tennis is to do explosive moves to up your muscle and breathing endurance. Most of these are best done on the tennis court. Trace the lines of the court on one side: as you head towards the net, run at full speed; as you head back to the baseline, move sideways or backwards to use different muscles (be careful you don’t trio over your feet).

If you can’t get to the court to train, do interval training wherever you can. Alternate between sprints and jogging, between side stepping and backward stepping, etc. Run up steps and walk down. Make sure your routine varies in speed and movement, again to simulate movement in a tennis match.

Any good workout program should involve periods of rest for your body to recover. Be sure to stretch and ice as needed. Your body will thank you later.